History of Video Games: How Our Love Affair Began

With the rather long history of video games, it would be an odd person or two who have not played a computer game at least once in their lives. If we were to trace the beginnings of video games in the history of video games, we would then see that video games actually began way before we even thought it would become this popular.

The history of video games began with the company we now know as Nintendo. While Nintendo is probably the first video game company to have been born, having been started in the 1950s from a card company that began in the 1800s, the first really popular computer video game did not come from them. According to the history of video games, the game called Pong by Atari, which was released in the 1970s, was considered to be the first real video game, although some people may wrestle with this claim.

Pretty soon, video games became one of the most addictive pastimes around. Video game arcades soon popped up like mushrooms and people would flock to these establishments to shoot down aliens, have a round character eat small round objects in a maze and soon see a small plump handyman in overalls jump around and eat mushrooms for strength. The history of video games is such that it shows people how it has grown from a simple game of ping-pong to games that showed characters that are almost lifelike and executing amazing stunts on screen.

The history of video games also shows us how totally ingrained into our lives these games are. You can tell that their popularity has gone beyond the computers and consoles that they reside in. They can now be seen on the big screen in characters that are now larger than their video game life and immortalized in movies and TV shows. The history of video games also shows us how technology evolved and how gaming evolved along with it.