Violent video games with blood, guts, and gore.

There are a lot of violent video games hitting the market these days and while these are often frowned upon by society, a lot of people still play them. These violent video games are often classified as such due to the simple fact that these games show blood and gore. This means that these are classified as violent video games due to the rather violent way that people have to finish the game or have to play the game. These games often involve the killing of one or more people or creatures and the more blood these violent video games have, the more violent it is supposed to be labeled.

There are some games that exhibit a minimal amount of violence but since these games still exhibit certain actions that can be a bad influence on younger minds, they are often classified as adult video games or fit for use by those above 18 only. Violent video games are often given ratings to help parents determine which games they should have their kids avoid and which ones they can safely play without corrupting their young minds. For a while now, there are a number of debates on whether or not some of these violent video games are too violent even for the taste of adults. Some people even argue that violent video games are catalysts for the increase in violence in the world today.

While the argument about whether or not some games are indeed too violent for public consumption continues, there was actually one game that was truly deemed too violent in the list of violent video games available in the market. This game showed so much blood and gore that it was actually banned from use in a few countries worldwide and was the focus of a protest. There are also violent video games that show racial discrimination and extreme violence against certain ethnicities, something that should not be tolerated at all.